A row boat rest among some reeds and rushes on a lake.Black and white image of a white samyoed dog running on a beach toward the camera with owner walking away from camera.An image of an orange glowing sunset over the sea and land.An image of a small waterfall and stream.An image of a calculator, newpaper, pen and blue notebook.Black and white image of sea cliffs anda sunny cloudy sky.White fluffy clouds against a deep blue sky.

Evonasowli – Photographer in County Clare

I am a photographer in County Clare. I work mainly around the Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Galway region.

Commercial/Product Photographer

I provide product photography services to all kinds of businesses. Including small businesses and new start ups who need quality images to advertise or promote products for websites, brochures, and advertising promotions etc.

Pet Photographer

I work as a pet photographer on location. I can take photos of your beloved pet in the comfort of your own home or on location in their favourite park, beach or place to hang out and play in.

Scape Photographer

On my various travels I have always been interested in landscape photography. However my passion through out the years has expanded and I now love taking beautiful images of all kinds of scapes including urban, country, sea and sky scapes. As a photographer in County Clare I am truly lucky that there are endless opportunities to take beautiful and inspiring scape photography. I also love traveling outside of County Clare to new as well as old favourite locations within Ireland and when I get the opportunity abroad.


Like an image in my scape or inspiration gallery that you would love a print of? Do you have a bespoke image of your product or business that you would like to have as a print for your office? I have my own printer and can process and print images up to size A3. Please feel free to contact me to enquire about prints or any of the images from my gallery you would like to purchase.

Evonasowli – What’s in a name?

Where did I come up with the very catchy name ‘Evonasowli’? While researching names for my photography business, I tried every combination of English words relating to photography that I could think of. Each time I thought I had something unique I quickly found that someone else was already using the name. I eventually started trying out names as Gaeilge and came up with ‘Evonasowli’. It doesn’t look very Irish but I assure you it is.

‘Evonasowli’ is a combination of two Irish words phonetically spelt. Evona is the phonetic spelling of íomhánna which means images. Sowli is the phonetic spelling of samhlaigh which means imagine. So put together as Gaeilge ‘Íomhánna Samhlaigh’ translates into English as ‘Imagine Images’. I also took the liberty of mixing dialects for the sake of pronunciation thus ending up with something that sounded catchy. Íomhánna is pronounced using Munster Irish and samhlaigh is pronounced using Ulster Irish.