Mind, Body & Soul Images

While browsing through facebook one day last week I came across one of TheJournal.ie’s live video feeds. The interview was taking place in the beautiful Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin. The video post had the by line, ‘How can plants & trees boost your mental health? We’re on a stroll in the Botanic Gardens to find out’. My interest peaked, I clicked on the link and started watching the interview.

Admittedly beforehand I had heard of the trend of forest bathing and it’s positive mental, emotional and health benefits. That being outside in the fresh air surrounded by nature usually helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Even just having plants growing in your house helps boosts your health both physically, mentally and emotionally. However what I didn’t know was that it has been proven that just by looking at photos of trees, plants and nature in general has the same positive effect on your overall health as experiencing the real thing albeit to a somewhat lesser degree. Below you will find some of the links to these studies and articles if you would like to further read up on the subject.

So with this in mind I have decided to create on my website a gallery of photos for the body, mind and soul for you my visitors to enjoy and gaze upon at your own leisure. I hope that they bring a sense of well being into your life.  Therefore every Monday to help relieve those Monday blues I will endeavour to post at least one new Mind, Body & Soul Images photo up on my blog and facebook page as well as add a couple of new photo’s to the gallery. Just click on the image to have a look at my new Mind, Body & Soul Images gallery.

Mind, Body & Soul Images. An image of red Dahlia flowers in the right hand corner against a back drop of a garden bed of greenery with wild, purple, pink, and white flowers. An image that helps destress the mind. flora, floral, plants, nature, natural, beautiful, pretty, countryside, country.