Mind, Body & Soul Gallery

Did you know that photo’s of plants, trees and nature in general have been proven to help relieve stress? Just looking at such photos has been proven to have the same positive effect as experiencing the real thing. Albeit to a lesser degree. Therefore I have decided to create below a Mind, Body & Soul Gallery. To help calm frayed nerves and stressed out minds.  So feel free to browse the below images to soothe your mind. If you would like to read up more on the subject click on my blog link or my post link Scéal Súil for my Mind, Body & Soul Images post that has links to the relevant articles.

Like any of the Mind, Body & Soul images below that you would love a print of ? I have prints available for sale. I have my own printer and can process and print images up to size A3 on a variety of photographic paper. Any of the below images are available for sale. Please feel free to contact me to enquire about prices of any of the images from my Mind, Body & Soul Gallery you would like to purchase as prints.