Welcome to my website. My name is Lisa Aherne. I am a photographer based in County Clare, Ireland. Main areas of photography that I am involved in are commercial/product, pet and scape photography. I haven’t always been a professional photographer. My background is mainly in tourism and events. While traveling abroad photography became increasingly important to me. It became not just a tool to simply record but as a way of expressing myself in showing and telling stories through the images I take.

When I got my first compact film camera it was all about pointing and clicking. The excited, anxious wait to pick up your photos to see if anything came out right. I was nine years old so more often than not they didn’t. However, I kept learning and eventually my photos at the very least were in focus most of the time.

I graduated to an aps compact film camera via a Christmas present from my parents. Taking a photo became less about pointing and clicking and more about getting up close and personal. Trying to take in the minute details. Trying out different angles and compositions. Endeavouring to get a better understanding of my subject so that it’s story could be told from differing perspectives. My gosh those panoramic shots, as cool as they were, were hard on the ole budget.

I got my first compact digital camera in my late twenties and a whole new world opened up. However, the more I learned and took photos, the more I became frustrated. Either due to not being able to or knowing how to get a particular shot. This was in part because of my limitations in understanding photography or the perceived limitations of my camera. I would look on in green envy at other photographers who had DSLR’s  and day dream about becoming a professional photographer.

Then one day I met a professional travel photographer in New Zealand. A lovely guy, who was more than willing to discuss in depth what being a photographer entailed. Including the ups and downs of the photography industry. I made up my mind, that when I got home from my travels, I would buy a DSLR and take a photography course. I wanted to see if photography was something I really wanted to pursue. Which I quickly found out it was. So here I am today taking the leap into running my own photography business.

In the course of pursuing my dream job, I realised that I didn’t quiet enjoy social photography as much as I did other forms of photography. Therefore, I decided I would not go down the traditional route of wedding photography and event photography. Instead I would concentrate on commercial/product photography, pet photography and scape photography.